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5th partner meeting

The fifth partner meeting was held on January 26, 2022. online. Partners discuss the progress of the project so far in terms of peer review and communication. In addition, action plans to be developed were discussed at the meeting as well as the methodology of making action plans. The content of the leaflets, which were decided to be in digital form, was also discussed at the partner meeting, so it is to be expected that they will be published soon.

3rd partner meeting online

The partner meeting for the 3rd semester was held online on 19.01.2021. During the partner meeting, partners present the current state regarding the peer rewievs. Partners conclude that pandemic of coronavirus has a significant impact on the peer reviews because experts could not see best practice on-site as well as all interested parties. According to that, partners conclude that the creation of a short video is in this moment a good approach to present good practice and to present a partner who is the host of peer rewiev

4th partner meeting online

Another partner meeting was held on the E-MOB project. The partner meeting was held online due to the COVID-19 pandemic and was attended by representatives of all partners involved in the project. At the partner meeting, the situation related to the project was discussed, progress in communication activities was presented, experiences related to holding peer reviews were shared, as well as talks on organizing contact partner meetings, ie contact peer reviews. All partners agreed that contact meetings have significantly more advantages and opportunities for cooperation in project development compared to online meetings. However, contact rallies are determined primarily by the current and future situation related to the pandemic.

2nd partner meeting on MS Teams

The second partner's meeting was held for the first time in the project online through the Microsoft Teams application. The meeting was attended by all partners involved in the project, and the meeting presented the current achievements related to meeting the outcomes defined by the project.
At the meeting, the Lead Partner presented the current accomplishments and remaining outcomes that need to be met in the upcoming third semester. all outcomes in the first and second semesters are also explained. Besides, an overview of upcoming peer reviews is given.

6th peer review

6th peer review was held in Koprivnica via an online platform during the COVID-19 pandemic. During peer review, Koprivnica presents examples of electromobility infrastructure that is implemented in the city. The city of Koprivnica and the Regional energy agency North have developed and installed a system of charging stations mounted on the street light poles in Koprivnica.
Peer review started at 9:00 with a Welcome and short introduction. After that, measures for promoting e-mobility in small and mid-sized cities are presented as well as plans for charging infrastructure in small and mid-sized cities form a public authority perspective. Peer review ended at 12:15 PM.


The first online Peer review

The first online Peer review in the organization of Cieza, Spain, was held on 01.07.2020 via the Zoom platform during COVID – 19 pandemic situation. In peer review participate partners from Hungary, Romania, Austria, France, and Croatia as well as the lead Partner.

During peer review, Cieza showed different examples of good practices that are related to the implementation of e-mobility solutions like e-scooters and also utility vehicles. Furthermore, during a discussion about good practice examples all partners ask several questions related to the possibilities and limitations of implementation e-mobility solutions as well as the problems related to the legislation and acceptance of the e-mobility solution in public administration and public as a whole. During the presentation, partners exchanged their experience whit implementing charging stations. All partners agree that one of the challenges is related to the costs of the investment as well as the implementation of such stations in the current public electrical grid. On the other hand, all partners agree that the E-MOB project is a great opportunity for the dissemination of the information related to the possibilities related to the using of electric vehicles.

Later in peer review, students from FHV under the leadership of Marcus Preissinger present good practice of Vorarlberg. and also give a short history of developing of the e-mobility in Vorarlberg. Furthermore, FHV was conducted research related to electromobility in Vorarlberg. Vorarlberg is one of the most developed cities in the EU when it comes to electromobility. Result of the research shown that V. have different kinds of incentives for using electric cars such as decreasing in tax, support in buying such vehicles, green registration plates, decreasing parking fees, etc.

The next peer review will be organized in France in September of 2020. The form of the peer review currently is unknown because of the situation related to the COVID – 19.


E-MOB Press Release No 1.

A kick-off meeting of the Interreg project E-MOB, Integrated actions towards enhanced e-mobility in European regions, was held in Leipzig. Partners from eight EU countries are involved in the project, which will find a solution for introducing electro-mobility measures in their cities or regions within three years of the project. Public authorities (Amiens Metropole (FR), Koprivnica (HR), Cieza (ES)), regional agencies (ABW (DE), TCDA (HU), RDA Centru (RO)) and research institutions (TEIWM (GR), FHV (A), UNIN (HR)) will work together to develop efficient policy instruments suitable for further improvement of e-mobility in the partner regions.
In addition to agreeing on a work plan for the next two semesters, the hosts presented some clever urban transport solutions to the partners. We saw the principle of ride pooling set up at Clever Shuttle, which provides services in eight German cities and the way the charging of electric buses has been solved, when passengers entering and exiting the bus.
The next partner meeting will be held in the Greek city of Kozani in the beggining of 2020, where a methodology for peer reviews will be prepared.

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