Students - outgoing


1. Application form

2. Application form for students with special needs

3. Motivational letter

4. Curriculum Vitae (Europass form)

5. Transcript rating and earned credits and proof of enrollment at the semester

6. Proof of knowledge of a foreign language

7. Certificate of Student Status

8. Statement of household members (if applicable)

9. Application form for additional funding students special socioeconomic status (if applicable)

10. Mobility Agreement for Studies/Traineeship

Each outgoing participant is obliged to take care of their travel arrangements, accommodation, as well as stay at the host university in a partner country.

Before departure, participants shall obtain visa for entering the partner country (if required) and have to regulate personal health insurance policy that will be valid in the partner country during their stay. General information about mobility preparation will be provided to each participant by the UNIN IR Office. Participants shall regulate their absence from the UNIN (employer) within the official travel order.

At least two weeks before the mobility start, participants need to sign the contract for award of the financial support.

After mobility end, participants are obliged to submit the online final report in the Mobility Tool+ system and to submit confirmed mobility documents and all travel documents (tickets, boarding passes, copy of visa, etc.) to the UNIN International Relations Office. Submission of the final report in the Mobility Tool+ is considered as a request to UNIN for payment of the 2nd instalment.