Module is a short curriculum (or course) in the field of higher education in the European Union. Each module lasts at least 40 hours per academic year. The modules can be focused on one discipline of European studies or a multidisciplinary approach.

Main activities:

  • general or introductory courses on EU affairs (especially in institutions and colleges that do not have a wide range of subjects in that area);
  • specialized courses on events in the European Union (especially in institutions and at faculties that already have a highly developed range of courses in the field);
  • summer and intensive courses that are fully recognized.



This specialized module will enable students to acquire relevant EU knowledge in the light of specific and timely issues such as investment and migration. Furthermore, the project will facilitate the development of cross-border cooperation with other universities in the region. Therefore, the project will be added to the North University and its students as well as to other South East European universities and their students.

The proposed module focuses on the relevant issues for the region: the political and legal dimension of the EU integration of the various Southeast European member states and the future integration of the potential Western Balkan countries.

The module targets two of the six most significant initiatives launched by the Commission to support the transformation of the Western Balkans: the Initiative for Improving Support to Socio-Economic Development and the Initiative for Strengthening Security and Migration Engagement. The main objective of the Module is to promote EU studies through an interdisciplinary approach.

Project Manager:

Prof. Petar Kurečić, PhD


- Prof. Nicolas de Sadeleer, University of Saint-Louis, Brussels

- Ivana Damjanović, Center for European Studies, Australian National University


- Tina Lukčić, mag. oec., administrative coordinator, Office for Science and Art Work

DURATION OF THE PROJECT 1.09.2018. - 08.31.2021.

PROJECT VALUE 27.216,00 €