Centre for Publishing and Media Studies

The Centre for Publishing and Media Studies (CIMS) is an organizational unit of University North which, on the basis of scientific and professional excellence, independently and/or in cooperation with the economic system develops and conducts scientific-research, educational and highly professional projects and other activities in the field of publishing, electronic publishing, as well as in the wider area of interdisciplinary and comparative issues and topics related to the concept of a book. The CIMS is the basis of the co-operation with the University of Rijeka, with which University North carries out the postgraduate doctoral interdisciplinary study of ‘Media and Publishing’. CIMS is strategically focused on networking with other organizational units of the University, other national and international HE centres and institutions, as well as with the external university partners with the purpose of improving its activities. The work and activities of CIMS are intended primarily for the students of University North and its academic staff, but the general, national and international academic and intellectual society can also take part. Teachers, scientists and associates of the University participate in the work of CIMS, along with the scientists and associates of other national and foreign HE centres, as well as the economic entities. The basic act of CIMS is the CIMS Regulations which governs the manner and the scope of the work of CIMS.