Teaching staff - outgoing

Within the application process, all applicants need to prepare a Mobility agreement for teaching if applying for the teaching activity, or Mobility agreement for training if applying for the training activity. Relevant Mobility agreement document needs to be approved / signed by the receiving HEI before the application to this call.

Staff with disabilities or special needs is a category of staff, whose physical, mental or health conditions presuppose participation in mobility activity with increased costs of living or travelling. Additional financial support is awarded by the Agency for Mobility and EU Programmes Zagreb, Croatia, on a basis of separate application form, which will be communicated to selected staff with disabilities or special needs after the completion of the selection process.

All applications will be checked for formal eligibility criteria. All formally eligible applications will be evaluated by the University North Committee for Erasmus+ mobility programme.

The Committee for Erasmus+ mobility programme applies all rules determined by the European Commission for the Erasmus+ programme and by the Croatian National Agency. The main evaluation criteria are the following:

  • Quality (academic excellence) of proposed Mobility Agreement for Teaching or Mobility Agreement for Training,
  • Mobility outcomes at personal and institutional level,
  • Sustainability of cooperation,
  • Dissemination of mobility results,
  • Knowledge of English language (or other foreign language that will be the main language of communication within the mobility)

The Committee for Erasmus+ mobility programme will publish the selection results at the web page of the University North www.unin.hr, and will inform all applicants about the selection results by e-mail correspondence. Applicants, whose mobility proposals will be refused for realization, shall be informed in writing about the reasons for refusal.

Travel costs approved exclusively according to the distance band calculated by the tool Distance Calculator: http://ec.europa.eu/programmes/erasmus-plus/tools/distance_en.htm.