Mission and Vision of University

The Mission of University North is the education of competent professional personnel for the needs of the real economy and the health care system in the region of north-western Croatia through quality realization of professional and university studies according to the requirements of the Bologna Declaration. In the implementation of this objective University North is organized as a dynamic organization that continually monitors, implements and incorporates scientific and professional knowledge in the modernization of the existing and the development of new study programs, promotes the concept of lifelong learning, and deepens and maintains relations with the business sector and collaboration with related higher education institutions in the country and abroad.
The Vision of University North is to be the leading educational, scientific, professional and socially responsible higher education institution for the education of personnel in the field of technical, biomedical and biotechnical sciences in north-western Croatia and the region. Students that graduate from University North are and will remain desirable and employable experts because of the high level and diversity of acquired knowledge and competencies, ready for independent and creative work in their profession. In its work, University North promotes the principles of quality in higher education, ethics, creativity, transparency, collaboration with other higher education institutions and good interpersonal relations above all.