Rector and Vice-rectors

Rector of the University is the head of the University.
Rector represents the University, organizes and governs its actions and activities, coordinates the work of the University's bodies and manages its assets.
In his work, Rector has rights and obligations of an institution director and authorities provided by rules that regulate the higher education.

Professor Marin Milković, Ph.D.

To help him with his work, Rector has Vice-rectors.
The University has up to five Vice-rectors and they are as follows:

Vice-rector for Education and Student Affairs
Associate Professor Vlado Tropša, Ph.D.

Vice-rector for Finances and General Affairs
Professor Goran Kozina, Ph.D.

Vice-rector for the University Center Varaždin
Professor Damir Vusić, Ph.D.

Vice-rector for Scientific and Artistic Work and International Cooperation
Associate Professor Anica Hunjet, Ph.D.

Vice-rector for the University Center Koprivnica
Professor Mario Tomiša, Ph.D.