Senate is an elective professional body of the University, which is constituted in a manner that ensures the representation of all university constituents, representatives of students of undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate studies, various fields of science and art, representatives of the employers with teaching and associate titles, as well as representatives of other employees (non-teaching professions).

The mandate of the Senate is three (3) years and may be renewed.

The Senate consists of the following members:
- Rector, who is a member by his position,
- Heads of individual departments, who are members by their positions,
- 1 (one) employee representative in the scientific-teaching/artistic-teaching from each of the University’s departments,
- 1 (one) employee representative in the scientific-teaching/artistic-teaching/teaching title from the professional departments of the University,
- 2 (two) employee representatives in the associate titles,
- one representative of other employees,
- 15% of student representatives of undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate students,

Head of the University Library and Vice-rectors participate in the Senate, but without the voting right.