Study programs

University North has fifteen (15) study programs from the technical, biomedical, social and art fields. Nine (9) of them are at undergraduate level:

  • Electrical Engineering, with two programs:
    • Automation,
    • Biomedical Electronics,
  • Mechanical Engineering,
  • Multimedia, Design and Application,
  • Technical and Economic Logistics,
  • Civil Engineering,
  • Nursing,
  • Journalism,
  • Media Design, and
  • Business and Management.

Six of the study programs are at graduate level:

  • Public Relations
  • Business Economics, with two programs:
    • International Trade,
    • Tourism,
  • Journalism,
  • Media Design,
  • Packaging, and
  • Sustainable mobility and logistics.

In cooperation with the University of Rijeka, University North carries out a postgraduate doctoral study “Media and Publishing”.

In a medium-term period, the University’s plan is to develop new study programs and to increase the level of professional studies to the university level.