University Council

The University Council is the body responsible for the development of the University and its interaction with the society in which it operates. Also, it discusses and confirms strategic and developmental decisions of the Senate.

The University Council supervises the realization of the University’s tasks, in particular the legality of its work, rational use of human and material resources, and the realization of the Senate’s decisions.

The University Council cannot engage in any work, nor take any action that would affect the autonomy of the University.

The University Council has twelve (12) members.

Senate of the University appoints six (6) members – five (5) members from among the employees with scientific-teaching/artistic-teaching titles and 1 (one) member from the ranks of students.

The cities of Koprivnica and Varaždin each appoint two (2) members. Ministry of Science, Education and Sports appoints two (2) members. Provided the two cities or the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports do not appoint their members, these members are appointed by the Founder.

The mandate of the members of the University Council is four (4) years and may be renewed.