General information


Department of Media Design

The Department carries out an undergraduate university study of “Media Design” that lasts for three years and upon the completion of which the student acquires 180 ECTS credits and the academic title ‘Bachelor of Design’ ( The study program has been carried out at the institution since the academic year 2012/2013. For all the courses covered by the study plan and program, the syllabi with learning outcomes have been made; units and chapters analyzed during the courses have been defined, along with the student obligations, exam procedures and the criteria on the basis of which the final grade is given. The expected learning outcomes and all other information on the courses are publicly available to students on the website (

The study gives students the opportunity to study subjects closely related to the contemporary media design, media industry, and the environment in which a media designer works. Students will acquire knowledge and skills in the area of media design and its various aspects through intensive class work, homework and practical work experience. Some of the main aims of this study program are to encourage student innovation and openness towards contemporary artistic and scientific realizations, to encourage creativity and independent practical work, and to provide the students with the necessary knowledge and skills through a number of courses and both individual and group creative work. The competencies the students acquire upon the completion of the study are the following: knowledge of the theory and practice of media design; excellent knowledge of art history and contemporary visual culture, communication sciences; the ability to independently design visual identities through the sign design, color system and typography; knowledge of digital imaging, graphics editing and contemporary graphics tools; the ability to lead creative processes with assurance; excellent knowledge of visual presentation and editing; knowledge of the basics of the press, radio and television; the ability to manage projects in the area of web, IT, newspaper, magazine and promotional design; the ability to develop the knowledge and skills in the area of artistic and media photography, drawing and composition, illustrations and original graphics, visual psychophysics and scenography; the ability to manage the departments in charge of multimedia storytelling, sound design, animated graphics, 3D animation and new forms of media.