General information


Department of Business Economics

The Department carries out a graduate university study of “Business Economics” in the area of social sciences that lasts for two years and upon the completion of which the student acquires 120 ECTS credits and the academic title ‘Master of Business Economics’ (mag.oec.). The study offers two programs: “International Trade” and “Tourism”. Students opt for one of the specializations when enrolling in the program (however, it is possible to change the specialization before enrolling in the second semester). The study program has been carried out at the institution since the academic year 2012/2013. For all the courses covered by the study plan and program, the syllabi with learning outcomes have been made; units and chapters analyzed during the courses have been defined, along with the student obligations, exam procedures and the criteria on the basis of which the final grade is given. The expected learning outcomes and all other information on the courses are publicly available to students on the website (

The study program of “Business Economics”, with its two specialization programs, is open to horizontal and vertical affiliation and ensures student mobility in national and international settings. Affiliation with all studies structured according to the principles of the Bologna process has been horizontally ensured. Vertical affiliation is reflected in the fact that the Bachelors of the studies which offer economic specializations can become graduate students of the study of “Business Economics”, i.e. the above mentioned specializations of Tourism and International Trade. The study program is designed with the purpose of offering the teaching content which will provide students with the knowledge of better market communication, so that the product/service finds its way to the customer, to successfully valorize their own competencies and ensure the business system or destination a better position when compared to the one of the competition. The task is to come up with a product/service for a selected customer group according to their actual needs and to present it to them and do it in a better way than the competition. The concept underlying the creation of this program content takes into consideration the needs of the labor market in the private sector which requires specific forms of international trade and tourism, adapted to the character of the products/services offered by different economic activities. In developing this brand new study program, findings of related study programs of EU countries have been used; trends and requirements of the best practice in the world have been taken into consideration, all in the light of new jobs and work tasks, which have been imposed by the new concept of international trade and tourism development that cannot be based on classical knowledge, but on contemporary findings. The Master of Business Economics can enroll in a postgraduate study of Business Economics, but also in other related doctoral studies depending on the conditions defined in the tender. There are also possibilities of enrolling in different lifelong learning programs. Vertical mobility is also possible with regard to verified university professional studies.