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Department of Multimedia, Design and Application

The Department carries out an undergraduate interdisciplinary professional study of “Multimedia, Design and Application” in the area of technical sciences that lasts for three years and upon the completion of which the student acquires 180 ECTS credits and the academic title ‘Bachelor of Multimedia and Graphic Technology’ ( The study program has been continuously carried out at the institution since 2005. For all the courses covered by the study plan and program, the syllabi with learning outcomes have been made; units and chapters analyzed during the courses have been defined, along with the student obligations, exam procedures and the criteria on the basis of which the final grade is given. The expected learning outcomes and all other information on the courses are publicly available to students on the website (

In Europe and the rest of the world there is an increasing number of HE institutions which carry out studies related to multimedia technologies. According to some estimates, the number of such institutions is roughly proportionate to the degree of the development of each country. The study of “Multimedia, Design and Application” is an interdisciplinary study in the scientific field of technical sciences. The multimedia studies in Europe are not unique. Some of them place emphasis on the internet (FH Kiel), graphic design and art (FH Salzburg), television, journalism and industrial design (FH Graz - Joanneum). Through an accredited curriculum and program (a conducted procedure of re-accreditation followed by the process of external quality evaluation), the Department carries out the study program of “Multimedia, Design and Application” as a general graphics (technical) study with an orientation towards the graphic design and multimedia systems, which makes our Bachelors competent and ready in several directions that the economy needs. The aforementioned study is the only study of this type in the Republic of Croatia and as such has been adopted by one foreign HE institution, with the consent of the University. Upon the completion of the professional study of “Multimedia, Design and Application”, the students acquire competencies needed to work independently in a number of professions in which the knowledge of graphic and multimedia technologies is of essence. The students who graduate acquire knowledge, practical skills and competencies which allow them to find employment in a very broad market segment pertaining to the following tasks: design of visual content; visual identities of enterprises; graphic communication; graphic presentations and the like; design and management of business presentations; creation of print layouts; project management in the field of advertising of small enterprises; creation, implementation and maintenance of multimedia systems; creation, implementation and maintenance of internet content using recent advancements in the field concerned; maintenance of computer systems, specifically in the configuration and installation segment; and a number of other similar tasks. A significant number of Bachelors successfully continue their education both in Croatia and abroad at other HE institutions that offer related study programs.