Scientific Journals of University

As a journal of multidisciplinary research, ‘Podravina’ publishes scientific and professional papers from various scientific fields related to the area along the river Drava in Croatia and other countries. The papers may refer to any other part of Croatia, as well as Europe and the world, if these experiences can in any way be comparative with Podravina and contribute to its development.

In addition to the development of multidisciplinary research on Podravina, the journal is focused primarily on the content belonging to social sciences and humanities: history, geography, archaeology, art history, ethnology, ecology, demography, sociology, political history and economics. This is the first scientific journal whose primary subject is Croatian region of Podravina and was primarily created to include the region in intense scientific research. The idea behind starting this journal was to open up the paths towards increased cooperation and knowledge transfer of this Croatian region with other Croatian centers (especially Zagreb), as well as with European and world scientific centers.

TECHNICAL JOURNAL publishes scientific and professional papers in the fields of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, civil engineering, multimedia, logistics, as well as from areas bordering with the aforementioned fields.

IN MEDIAS RES is an interdisciplinary scientific journal that welcomes and publishes peer-reviewed articles from different areas of science and scientific disciplines that scientifically reflect some of the segments of mediality in their scientific field.

The areas of interest of the journal In medias res are the following:

  • Relations between the media of orality and writing, printed text, electronic, digital, networking, new, mobile and new new media, etc.
  • Dance – ritual – spectacle
  • The media of religious revelation
  • Man as the medium of spirit
  • Art as a medium/The media dimension of an artwork
  • The techniques of media intermediation
  • Technology – science – philosophy
  • Anthropological and philosophical reflections on the changes in the human experience
  • Working tools, production extensions, extensions of the mental and physical dimensions of man
  • The media between information, persuasion, play, seduction and manipulation
  • The media-mediology/Technique-technology
  • The media and politics
  • Media research, media research studies and media studies research
  • Legislation and the practices of media intermediation
  • The truth of corporate, non-profit and community media
  • The media and independent civic initiatives
  • Media/history/revolution
  • Psychological media research
  • The media between culture and business