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Department of Journalism

The Department carries out an undergraduate university study of “Journalism” which is highly interdisciplinary and provides students with theoretical foundations and a practical perspective needed in order to understand and work effectively in and with the contemporary media sector. The study lasts for three years and upon its completion, the student acquires 180 ECTS credits and the academic title of ‘Bachelor of Journalism’ (univ.bacc.nov.). The study program has been carried out at the institution since the academic year 2012/2013. For all the courses covered by the study plan and program, the syllabi with learning outcomes have been made; units and chapters analyzed during the courses have been defined, along with the student obligations, exam procedures and the criteria on the basis of which the final grade is given. The expected learning outcomes and all other information on the courses are publicly available to students on the website (

The study introduces students to key knowledge in the area of history, political sciences, international relations and law. At the same time it develops their skills in the area of planning, research, writing, interviewing, editing, law, research reporting, etc. The contemporary study of journalism links education with the rapid international and technological development of the media environment. The specializations offered in the final year of the study are designed to give students a certain degree of specialization. Students can choose between newspaper or television journalism, fiction or documentary content, academic writing or international reporting. This is a strong, in-depth program which encourages students to reflect on the latest developments and trends in the media and the historical and contemporary role of the media. At the same time, the program enables them to acquire writing and editorial skills and content production skills after they graduate. As such, the study is of use not only to students as individuals, but also to the society as a whole through a number of media companies operating in Croatia. Considering the fact that the development of a strong, independent, substantial and creative media sector contributes to democratic development, the transparency of state administration and creative expression, the undergraduate study of “Journalism” will certainly significantly contribute to the continuous process of the development of the Republic of Croatia. Upon the completion of the study, students acquire qualifications necessary to take employment in professional journalism and the direct involvement in creating content for print, radio, television and Internet media and various other new types of media that are in the process of making.