Jean Monnet Module - Summer School at University North

Jean Monnet Summer School was held from 27 to 29 June 2019 within the Jean Monnet Project at University North, University Center of Varazdin. This ‘crash course’ offers a legal perspective on key EU topics in a manner accessible to non-lawyers. It is intended for students and young professionals of disciplines other than law who wish to broaden their knowledge of law, institutions and the internal market of the European Union. A particular emphasis is placed on the role of law in the process of EU integration, with focus on regional integration in South Eastern Europe. While touching upon key processes, the course provides insights into specific topics through the discussion of selected case studies.

The project coordinator is Assoc. Professor Petar Kurečić from University North. The lecturers at the Summer School held at the University North were Nicolas de Sadeleer from Saint-Louis University, Brussels and Ivana Damjanovic, Center for European Studies, Australian National University. They are recognized experts in the field of labor and European rights. The Jean Monnet Module is funded from € 27,216.00 at its Summer Center School Center.

In addition to the students of the University North, young professionals from different disciplines participated in the Summer School, and everyone who wanted to expand their knowledge of the EU law, institution and internal market. After completing the Jean Monnet Summer School, all participants received a certificate of participation.

Jean Monnet's activities are part of the Erasmus + program, dedicated to promoting excellence in high-level European studies around the world and bringing together academics, researchers and policymakers.

A link to a video report about the Summer School was prepared by First School Television

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