A lecture was held titled 'What is the European Union and what does it do for me?'

University North in co-operation with the European Commission on April 16, 2019 at 16 :00 (UNIN2-110) within the programme 'Back to University' organized a lecture titled 'What is the European Union and what does it do for me?'. The lecture was held by Vlado Cetl, phD.

The participants were greeted by Danko Markovinović, phD, from the Department of Construction, after which Vlado Cetl, phD, answered many questions such as: What is the European Union (EU) and how it was established? How does the EU work? What has Croatia gained with the EU membership? What does the EU do for me and how does it affect our everyday life? Why are elections for the European Parliament important? How much will the European elections affect our lives and how much can we help shape the future of Europe? Brexit and the migration crisis? What is the experience of working in European institutions in a multicultural environment?

Vlado Cetl, phD, is employed at the European Commission's Joint Research Centre in Ispri, Italy. The field of his work is scientific and professional support in the implementation and evaluation of various EU policies and projects, primarily related to the environment. He also acts as support to member states in implementing these policies and projects.

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