Scientific Encounters in the North

2nd Scientific Encounters in the North with the basic topic of 'Cultural Convergence: Media as Cultural Systems', are sequences of scientific encounters held every two years at the University North. In 2016 (21 and 22 October) the first international scientific conference was organized in the honour of 80th birthday of the academician Milivoj Solar, under the title ‘Language of Literature, Science and Media’. About sixty national and international exhibitors (literary theorists, historians, theatrologists, philosophers, sociologists, ethnologists, media researchers, educational experts, etc.) participated in the work of the first Scientific Encounters in the North in the context of very different, inspirational and innovative themes. In an effort to continue this practice, and to achieve that the north-western region becomes a meeting place for scientists and a nursery garden of new topics in different science fields, the 2nd Scientific Encounters represent a very logical sequence.

This year’s encounters tend to move towards interesting cultural changes taking place under the influence of new technologies, including the media as well. Convergence is the term mainly used in the context of modern technological processes which imply the diversity of media functions within a particular (same) device, and we try to present it in today’s less sophisticated form according to which this term should be observed through the prism of industrial, cultural and social changes specific precisely for the society in which they are happening. The aim of the proposed scientific symposium is to bring together scientists and researchers who will contribute with their work to the understanding of the above mentioned problem in the national and European context.
We can offer a few basic thematic sets:
• Media and technology in the humanities
• Media and technology in art
• Digital humanities
• Social identities in digital media
• Media and community
• Technology and(or) technocracy
• Topics and methods in journalism of the 21st century
• Migration, media and mobilization
• How to write for social media
• Gender and the media
• Technology and culture
• Culture and globalization
• Technology, film and performing arts
The scientific conference will be held on the 23rd and 24th November at the University North in Koprivnica. Applications will be received via e-mail address: until 15th August 2018. Official languages of the conference are Croatian and other South Slavic languages and the English language.

It would be our honour and pleasure if you could join us.

See you in the North!

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